Waiting Expectantly

We have been waiting expectantly for our ninth grandchild to be born.  And waiting, and waiting, and waiting it feels like.  Life is all about waiting.  We know it will arrive eventually but not when, and so we wait!

Kind of like this spring. It feels like we’ve been waiting a long, long time for the leaves to come out on the trees! It seems like a very long wait this year. We know it will happen, we just never know when.

Waiting for this COVID-19 pandemic to be over kind of feels the same.  Will it ever be over?  And what then?  Will things finally get back to normal? 

We wait and wait, never knowing when or how or what life will be like after the long wait.  Similar to waiting for a baby however, our lives will never be the same again.  A baby shakes up our whole life, from how much sleep we get, to where we go and what we do, to what other things we do.  Every aspect of our life is affected!!

This pandemic is going to be very similar – our lives will never be the same again!  There will be a new normal or maybe even no real normal.  Hopefully we have learned something from all of this and can take what we have learned and move forward in a new and different way, taking care of the earth and the natural environment around us, caring for each other in new and more loving ways.

In the meantime, we wait.  While we wait there is much we can do.  We can get started learning and discerning and thinking about what we would like our life and our world to look like, and start to make that happen even now. 

We can be discovering who we really are and what our soul really wants us to do.  In other words, we can learn to be the person we truly are.  This takes looking within and opening to the LOVE and WISDOM of the universe.  It requires us to connect and align with our inner truth and wisdom. 

I am reminded of a line from an old song by Jim and Jean Strathdee “What we do while we wait depends on what we’re waiting for”.  So, if we are waiting for everything to get back to the way they were, I guess there isn’t much for us to do except keep on the way we have been.

On the other hand, if indeed we are waiting for a new world to evolve, we can take steps to start bringing it into existence.  By realizing that we are all in this together, we can act more loving, be more caring to everyone and everything, figure out what is really important to us.  I see that happening more and more everywhere. I believe that this is the beginning of our new world.

What do you want your world to look like?  What can you do now to encourage it’s arrival?

P.S.  Our new grandbaby arrived healthy and well – a beautiful new baby girl to love!!!

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