Tuesday Artists Group

I have been missing my Tuesday Artists group that I usually participate in every Tuesday from 9:30 am to around 4:00 pm.  We meet in a room at the Qu’Appelle Valley Centre for the Arts. The rest of the group are all painters and they paint while I usually write.  Since COVID-19, however, the venue has been closed and we haven’t been able to meet.

The last couple of weeks we have finally been connecting via a group conversation text on our phones.  Every Tuesday or even Monday, one of the group puts up a photo that they want to paint and they all work on their painting and show what they’ve done to the rest of the group the next Tuesday or so.

Since I spend some of my time at this Tuesday Artists sitting with one of my own photos and writing down a poem that comes to me from the photo, I decided I would do that with these photos, too.  It is a way I can stay connected with the group.

These photos and poems I post on my Facebook page  (www.facebook.com/lifeshealingconnections) every Wednesday as a “Weekly Pondering”.  Check them out if you like.  The one I did for the Tuesday Artists’ photo will be posted this Wednesday, April 22.

This is definitely one way to stay connected for now, but it sure isn’t quite the same as all of us being in the same room together.  There is an energy in that room setting with all of us gathered that you just can’t replicate at home by yourself.  For now, though, this is the way it has to be. 

I think we will all be so happy when this pandemic has run its course.  This isolation is sure making me realize how much I need contact with people – hugs, conversation, just being together! 

I’m sure it will be a whole different world when this is over.  Hopefully a world where we all have new and improved priorities – taking care of Mother Earth, building relationships – to name a couple. 

What are you learning in this time of self-isolation?  

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