The Wisdom of Trees

I have always enjoyed trees. When I was a young girl I used to spend a lot of time climbing trees, sitting in trees, talking to trees. And when my brothers and cousin built a little tree house, I was in heaven! I would sit on that triangular platform joining three poplar trees all summer long. I read, I wrote, I slept, I dreamed…… It was wonderful!

Now, I like to walk where there are trees. Sometimes I talk to them. I almost always thank them for their wonderful energy that they share so freely. I sometimes climb them. I sometimes sit in them. I often hug them.

Last fall, or summer, I was walking along a trail with many trees. I noticed the leaves dancing in the breeze and I wondered what they might have to say. The following are the words that came to me.

Tree Wisdom

I listened to the trees today
Their leaves dancing in the breeze
I opened to their energy
This is what they had to say –

Chorus:        Abundance, Abundance
                 That’s the energy of the day
                 Abundance, Abundance
                 That is truly the way

So open your heart wide open
Open your mind as well
Join the dance of the leaves
The song of the joyous trees


Look all around you
And notice the abundance there
Feel the energy shift within
As you become more aware


Abundance of love and beauty
Abundance of time and space
That’s what Mother Earth offers
To all who will embrace


So thank you beautiful trees
Thank you for the song
I will keep it in my heart
As I run along


I will hold it in my being
Until it’s a part of me
This ancient natural wisdom
From the wise and wonderful trees!                

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