Spring Transformation

I love this time of year when everything is starting to grow again.  It’s like watching colour and life slowly unfurl as the grass and trees gradually turn green.  It starts with a slight glimpse of green in the trees.  As each day passes a little more green appears. 

This greening occurs even more quickly once we have a refreshing rain.  The buds form on the trees and the next thing you know, they begin to burst open and a new green leaf slowly unfurls itself.  Before you know it, the whole tree is green.

The same happens with the grass.  You notice a tinge of green and then almost before your eyes, the whole lawn is green.  This, too, is aided by a nice spring shower.

Then the flowers start to pop.  The crocuses come even before the greening of the earth.  Then the dandelions, those colourful bursts of sunshine!

The whole earth seems to slowly unfold this way, with more colour bursting forth almost as we watch!  Then throughout the summer, colour continues to emerge and change and disappear to make room for more colour and diversity.

I guess that’s why I enjoy facilitating classes so much.  I so enjoy people learning and growing before my eyes.  I love to see the ‘aha’ moments that people have when they really understand something and it makes so much sense to them!

This is like watching spring unfold in people with fresh growth emerging and unfolding from somewhere deep within.  Seeing this growth in other people makes something wonderful sprout and arise within me as well.

We are all teacher/learners so I learn from all the participants as well.  It’s like I hold the space and introduce opportunities for new life to unfold within each of us.  We all contribute to this unfolding and greening.  It’s amazing to watch!

What have you noticed emerging in the world around us?

What have you noticed unfolding within you?

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