Showing Up As Myself

Last week we went for walks at different places, searching for crocuses on the prairie hills.  There were many many crocuses dotting the hills – some in bud, some slightly open, and others wide open.  They were never in big clumps, simply single ones or a couple flowers together at the most, dotting the hillside. 

I have seen that many others have been out looking for crocuses, too.  These beautiful tiny flowers are one of the first signs of spring in this county and bring us such joy whenever we sight them!

The theme for the month of April on my Inspirational Calendar is “Showing Up As Myself”.  Crocuses definitely are not afraid to show up as themselves!  They do not compete with each other and never wonder if they’re good enough to even be there.  (Or so I imagine.)  They simply show up as they are in all their finery, when the time is right.  And that is enough!  That is more than enough!  Crocuses bring such joy to us each spring simply showing up as they are!

I hope that in the same way I am not ever afraid to show up as my best self, my true self.  Even if I don’t think I’m quite done improving or quite ready, I hope I show up anyway.  And that will be enough!  That will be more than enough!

How about you?

How does it get any better than this?  What else is possible?

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