Seeing with the Heart in the Christmas Rush

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that most of the stores have Christmas things out already!  And that was only the middle of November!!!  It seems to get earlier and earlier every year.  Or maybe I’m just not ready to think about Christmas quite yet.

I used to get frazzled and worn out even thinking about all the things I needed to get done before Christmas – make buns, shop for gifts and wrap them, make the family’s favourite treats, clean my house, put up the tree and decorate it, decorate the house.  The list went on and on, not to mention the Christmas parties, concerts, and other events that I needed to attend.  No wonder I was worn out!

So, one year I decided I was being ridiculous and probably didn’t need to do half of that list, no one would even notice!  I even went so far as to ask my adult children what they absolutely needed to make Christmas feel like Christmas.  I was surprised by their answers.  They all said that being together was all they needed!

Love and connection are the most important ingredients for any good holiday!  And after all, isn’t that what the celebration is all about – love coming into the world and being shared?

I still make my list, but it’s a shorter one now.  I get some of it done and let the rest go.  It wasn’t easy at first to let go, but for my own peace of mind I did it.  It feels so much better now.  I actually get to enjoy the holidays too, without being too worn out.  And the kids were right – we don’t really miss the things we don’t get done!

For me, seeing with the heart in the Christmas rush means simplifying, slowing down, thinking and seeing with love.  I now have more time to spend enjoying our time together and making wonderful memories that live on and on and on in my heart and theirs.

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