Sacred Art

A few weeks ago I watched my friend’s video about “Sacred Art”.  She explained that Sacred Art was anything that we create that we know will not last long, such as a sand castle or an ice sculpture.

I had never heard that term before but I really like it.  It also refers to the wondrous creations of Mother Nature – sunrises, sunsets, the ever-changing sky, us, to name a few.  I have always noticed these things, especially when I go for my walks, but never had a term for them – now I do!  Thanks Susanne!

That term has stuck with me since watching that video until here I am writing a blog about it.  Sacred art fills me with such joy and wonder at the amazing miracles of nature.

 I have taken many, many pictures of this Sacred Art so thought it would be good to share some of them with you.  To that end, I will be starting a Sacred Art album on my Facebook page ( and posting pictures there.  Each day or so I will post another Sacred Art photo to this album.

Seeing these Sacred Art moments brings me such joy and delight.  I really want to share that with you!  Hopefully these pictures will help you to notice your own Sacred Art to enjoy.  At least, that is my hope. 

The picture above is one of my photos of amazing Sacred Art.  There are a lot of geese on the lake at times and these are some of their footprints in the sand.  They will be there for this moment and then soon gone again as people, dogs, other birds and animals walk over them. What a neat pattern they make on the sand for now! I was happy to capture it.

I’m sure you have seen many of these moments and hopefully, after this, you will notice many more.

Let us know what you have noticed today.  Maybe even post a Sacred Art photo of your own! 

2 responses to “Sacred Art

  • susanne hedley
    1 year ago

    Hello Joan!

    Finally got to taking this in. I am very pleased to have a mention from your scared heart! xo

    Loving you from here.


    • Thanks Susanne! You are such an inspiration to me and the world! Keep shining your light!

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