Worship Services for Seniors


Worship Services for Seniors contains close to thirty ready-to-use worship services at your fingertips.

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This book is for:

*  individual devotional or meditation time

*  leading worship in Senior Care Homes or Assisted Living Spaces

*  leading worship in clubs or organizations

More than twenty ready-to-use  services at your fingertips.  Filled with stories, prayers, blessings, and suggested hymns — complete worship services that convey Universal LOVE for all people.


1 review for Worship Services for Seniors

  1. Joan

    “Joan has created a valuable and useful resource for people leading worship in a care home.  Some readers will find it helpful for other times and places too.  Her examples are generally appropriate for people in the winter of their circle of life and facing the changes of growing older, changing their roles, and mourning the losses of their lives while finding ways to enjoy the mystery and wonder of Love surrounding and within themselves.”  ~ Jayne Whyte, retired lay minister and active freelance writer

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