A few years ago when I was walking to work every day, I decided to intentionally notice something every day.  Sometimes I would notice something that I hadn’t seen before on my way to work; sometimes it would be on my way home.

Often as I was walking to work I would be thinking about what I needed to do when I got there, what my day would entail.  I would be lost in my thoughts….until I noticed something.  This would bring me back to the present and I would realize how beautiful my surroundings were and how fortunate I was to be living in this awesome place!  Often I was filled with peace and contentment – a sharp contrast to the hustle and bustle before that!

I didn’t just notice things, though.  I would contemplate or ponder about them and what they had to tell me about life.  Here are some examples of what I noticed and how they related to life.

One day I noticed this small soft-yellow butterfly on these beautiful flowers.  I don’t know if I would even have seen it if I hadn’t been paying attention.  This butterfly taught me that no matter where I flit about, I can always add beauty to the world simply by being me!


Especially in the spring or fall, I noticed the call of the geese as they flew overhead or gathered on the lake.  The geese taught me that we all need community – a place or group where we belong.  And we often need to communicate with one another.  This means having our time to speak as well as to listen when others are speaking.  The geese didn’t seem to be doing very well with the latter!!


One day in late summer I noticed this red tree amongst the green.  This taught me that there can be great beauty in not conforming to those around us.  Remaining ourselves brings more contrast and beauty to the world.  It also reminded me that we all have our own time to shine.





I noticed this little thistle breaking through the pavement.  It spoke to me of persistence and that we are often stronger than we think we are.





One day I noticed this pebble caught between the planks on a bench.  I was reminded that sometimes we get stuck and need help getting out – a situation, a house, a job, whatever.




I did write most of these observations down so you never know, some day they may make their way into a book!!!

I would be very interested to know.  Please share below.

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