Meditating Peace

I have had a hard time taking down my Christmas decorations this year.  In fact, they’re still up!  Maybe this weekend I’ll take them down.  Maybe.

The house will look so bare without them and I am enjoying them so much!  Every night I sit in my wonderful swivel chair with only the Christmas tree lights on.  I look around me and feel such peace and contentment.  How does it get any better than this?  What more is possible?

And then I meditate for a few minutes (usually five or ten, maybe even fifteen).  I simply close my eyes and go deep within, basking in all the goodness and light I am feeling.  Sometimes I ask a question and wait for an anwer.  Sometimes I give thanks for all that I have.  Mostly I simply sit and be, letting the love light flow through me, filling me with peace and contentment.  Then I open my eyes, look around, breathe a sigh of deep contentment, and go to bed.

This whole process only takes a few minutes yet it so helps me to stay connected even throughout the next day.  I think about how this time of meditation felt all day long.  Sometimes I can’t wait until evening and sit for a few minutes during the day, meditating.  All of this helps me to keep that wonderful peace within deep into the heart of winter.

Try it, it may work for you! 

If you have your own process that helps you find peace in the midst of winter, I would be very interested to hear about it.  Remember, when we share with each other, it helps everyone.

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