Loving Yourself Enough to Play

February – the month of love!  This year, I’m taking a little different twist on that theme.  My theme is “Loving Yourself”!  After all, we can’t really love anyone else fully until we learn to love our self.  Each week I will talk about another way or something else we can do to love our self. 

This first week is all about play.  As kids usually our whole world is play, play, play.  Somewhere along the way as I was growing up, as I think most adults do, I lost that sense of play.  Only in the last few years have I realized the importance of play throughout my life. 

A few years ago, I attended a retreat on a farm in the wintertime.  One morning we bundled up and went outside to walk through the trails that had been tramped in the snow – a heart, a peace sign, and some were simply trails.  Our facilitator invited us to follow her and she continued her way down the hill walking in all kinds of silly ways.  As I followed her, doing these silly walks, I felt something shift within me.  I was having so much fun for the first time in what felt like years.  It was okay to be silly!  Joy filled my soul!  What fun it was! 

From that time on, I have tried very hard to play more.  Grandchildren help with that.  It’s fun to get right down on the floor and play with them or play board games or cards as they get older.  Having a dance party, flying kites, skating, tobogganing, swimming, going for walks are all great activities for play. 

I have many many buttons that are fun to play with in many ways.  Or marbles, or even small stones that I love to collect and run through my hands or just look at.  There are so many ways that we can play, the list is probably endless.  Yet they each bring such joy to my heart and love to my soul. 

I am trying really hard to love myself enough to put play in my schedule much more often!  My play the last little while has been skating.  It’s so much fun to feel the wind in my face as I glide around the ice.  And the ice itself scan be so beautiful.  I am definitely having fun skating!!!

How about you?  Do you love yourself enough to take time to play?  What do you do to play and have fun?

2 responses to “Loving Yourself Enough to Play

  • I think square dancing has become my most recent playtime. When we make mistakes in the square we just laugh it away and have so much fun. And I’ve been making Valentines which I can’t remember doing for a very long time. Yes I need a constant reminder to take time to play!

    • Square dancing is so fun! Yes it sounds like for you it is fun and play. Great for you for making Valentines. Why is it that we forget to play?!?!?!?!?

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