Loving Yourself Enough to Deal with Life’s Transitions

I remember at one time I went through life without thinking too much about what was happening or why.  Life just happened and I went along with it the best I could. 

Then one year my parents both died within two and a half months of each other, our son’s dog was hit by a car and had to be euthanized, my sister was diagnosed with cancer for the third time, and one of my brother’s was burned in an accident at work.  All of this within a few months. 

I had to think about it all.  I cried and cried and cried.  Finally I took about a half hour every morning to think about it, to feel whatever I was feeling, and to journal about it.  I wrote a lot of poetry during that time.  It seemed to help me deal with all of it. 

Sometimes people tend to stuff their feelings deep inside, thinking that if they don’t deal with them, they may just go away.  That doesn’t work.  I have discovered that not dealing with any of life’s transitions can lead to actual physical ailments and the feelings don’t go away. 

Taking time to reflect on what had happened, journaling, and sitting with my feelings, helped those feelings to dissipate and eventually, after many years, they were hardly discernible.

Volunteering at a camp for kids who had lost a loved one helped me to learn even more creative ways to deal with this grief, sadness, and deep pain.

Writing a book about all that had happened was also part of the healing process.  That book is available on my website if anyone is interested.  It tells my story with lots of my own poetry and, at the end of every chapter, includes a couple of activities to help you deal with your own life transitions. 

I am now delighted to help others on their journey as they deal with whatever life transitions come their way.  I have another of these classes scheduled for Thursday, March 12 from 10 am to 4 pm at the QVCA in Fort Qu’Appelle. 

Life transitions include but are not limited to, losing a loved one, losing a pet, retiring, empty nest syndrome, finishing school or university and making your way in the world, childbirth, losing everything you have to fire.  As you can see, life transitions are sometimes planned and we are looking forward to them, and sometimes they happen without any warning.  Either way, transitions lead to a lot of varied feelings, some not expected.  If any of this resonates with you and you’d like to take time for yourself, or if you love yourself enough to seek help, why not sign up for the class.

If someone else comes to mind as you read this blog, please pass it on to them. 

I would be interested to hear about what you do to cope with life’s transitions. 

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