Dealing With Life Transitions

Who ~ This is for:

  • those who have been through any event that has been life-changing, planned or unplanned
  • those who are having a hard time dealing with a life transition
  • those who want to learn more effective ways of coping

What ~ This is a one day program covering what life transitions are, ways to actively deal with them, and how to cope with all of the feelings that come with them.

~ It is a hands-on experiential kind of event where participants are guided through activities that they can then do at home.   Some discussion and sharing time is included.

If this is a program you would like to have in your community please contact me to discuss the possibilities.  I am delighted to travel and to be of service to you.  Click on my “Contact Me” page or phone/text me at 306-331-8118.

This class is offered when there are enough people interested.  If this is something you are interested contact me and I will put you on a waiting list for the next one.  Or get enough people together who are interested (3-10) and I will bring the class to you.