Each of us has a light deep within.  Some people have discovered that light and fed it so that it shines beautifully for all to see.  You probably know some of those people.  They are the ones that seem to glow from within.  You find that you want to be with them although you don’t exactly know why.  It feels good just to be in their presence!

Letting your light shine means being so filled with love that it simply seeps out of you.  It’s about enjoying life so much that your excitement and joy is infectious to others.

It’s also about loving yourself enough that you can pass that love on to others in whatever way is comfortable for you.  It’s about making the world, at least your little corner of it, a bit lighter and brighter.

We all have our part to do in spreading the light.  We all have our own way of spreading light into the world.  We are all needed to do our part in helping to shine the light so that it can grow and inspire, encourage, and motivate others to shine as well.  In this way, the light spreads.

You never know when one tiny thing you do will transform someone’s life!

It is my hope that my blogs are spreading a bit of light into the world.  I hope that all the posts I put on my Facebook page spread some light into the world and make life a little brighter for people.

How do you feed this light?  I feed mine by reading inspirational books, by meditating, by going deep within and sitting with that piece of LOVE I find there so that it grows bigger and brighter.  I feed the light by forgiving others and myself, by letting peace grow within me, and sometimes by listening deeply to music and letting it fill my body.

There are probably as many ways to feed the light of love as there are people on this planet.  Try a few and find what is right for you!


Have you discovered the light of love within you?

Are you feeding it and if so, how?

Are you letting your light shine?

In what ways are you making the world a brighter place?

I would like to hear about all the ways you are feeding that light of love within you and letting your light shine!  Please leave a comment below.  Perhaps something you share will help someone else.

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