Let the Creative Juices Flow

The other day when my husband and I were walking down by Echo Lake, I collected a few stones that were smooth on one side and fairly small – just right for making pictures in my shadow boxes that I have waiting to be filled.

A few days later I got out my shadow boxes, all the little rocks I had collected as well as some other rocks, shells, and twigs that I had collected from there previously.

I started making pictures, but I just did not like the stark white background.  It just wasn’t coming together for me, so I put it away for another day.

Of course, the thought of it was still there in the back of my mind, ‘percolating’ I call it.  My first thought was to paint a background with water colours, but that didn’t feel right.  Then I remembered the paper collage classes I have taken with Poached Egg Woman, Sue Bland and all the envelopes I had been saving with beautifully designed interiors.  They would work perfectly for a background!

Last Friday, the creative juices started flowing like crazy.  I got out my shadow boxes again, all my rocks, shells, twigs, and glue.  Then I got out my saved envelopes and started creating.  The ideas flowed fluidly and before I knew it, I had two shadow boxes finished! 

Using just a soft blue paper for the backing, two more soon joined the first two. 

The last shadow box was a true shadow box with a velvety black background and even included four pins to pin your treasures to it.  This would be perfect for some of the feathers I had collected over the years.  This one I titled “Precious Gifts” because to me these feathers are precious gifts whenever I find them.  I always give a ‘thank you’ for them.

Precious Gifts

I was so happy when I was done!  I felt like I had really accomplished something.  When I create like that, I lose all sense of time and space.  I am totally absorbed in what I am doing.  It is a meditation for me that brings healing and peace to my soul. 

I’m wondering what creative things you have done lately.  Do they make you feel the same way my creating  makes me feel? 

Please share with us below.  It will give us all ideas of other ways that we can use our creativity.

If you haven’t done anything creative like this, why not try it!  There are lots of ideas floating around on the Internet.  Pick something that calls to you.  Then let us know how it felt for you!

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