Funneling Love

The Weekly Pondering I put on my Facebook Page on Monday was pictures of spider webs and a poem about them.  These weren’t just ordinary spider webs.  These webs were from what I call funnel spiders (I’m not sure their technical name).  I call them funnel spiders because their webs are like a funnel – wide on top and making a funnel-like hole down to where I imagine the spider is waiting.

These spider webs started me thinking about how great it would be if we could funnel love straight into our hearts.  Wouldn’t that be great?  I wonder what my web might look like and what it might be made out of.

Some of the things I thought of were meditation in whatever form that might take, deep breathing or becoming aware of the breath, pausing throughout the day to come back to the heart, and taking time to reflect on my day or a situation.  Reading books is another part of the web.  Even some fiction novels have a deep life lesson to be learned.  There are also lots of spiritual and self-help books out there – books on how to become a better person, have a better life…….

I find I do all of the things on the above list but not consistently or regularly.  I have discovered that they needn’t take a lot of time either – five or ten minutes at a time or less. 

Sometimes just to stop whatever I’m doing and take a couple of deep breaths helps me to come back to the centre of my being, grounding me, and replenishing my heart of love.  Even just to stop and notice everything around me can fill my heart and soul.  Ekhart Tolle calls this being “in the now” or the present.

The more consistently or often I take time to pause, the more I can live out of my heart space.  I guess the pausing to come back to the present, to be grounded, actually is my web.  It makes me more aware of love in life that can be funneled into my soul, my heart, the centre of my being.  It helps me to be filled with love so that I see with my heart; see with the eyes of love!

What is your web like?  How is it doing?  How do you funnel love?

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