Finding Me

For the past two years I have created an Inspirational Calendar with photos that I have taken, a specific theme each month, and an inspirational saying for each and every day.  The picture above is from this year’s calendar for February.  As you can see, the theme for February is “I Am Safe”. 

This year I am taking time each day to write about the saying for the day.  In February, I came across the saying by Louise Hay – “It is safe to be me.”  The following is what I wrote for that day with a bit more explanation and expansion in places.

Yes, it is safe to be me!  Finally I know this.  When I was a young adult I thought I had to be the way I thought each group of people wanted me to be.  So I was a little bit different depending on who I was with. 

Even when I discovered more of who I really am, I still tried to be what I thought I ‘should’ be to fit the role I was in at the time.  As a pastoral minister, I believed I was quiet and peaceful and that fit the role perfectly.  Or so I thought.

I did many personality tests to see who I really was.  The Enneagram seemed to be the most holistic one to me.  However, I still felt something was missing or something wasn’t quite right.  Then I found Carol Tuttle and her “Dressing Your Truth” program with her four beauty profiles.  This program looks at the shape of your face, your thoughts and feelings, your personality, even the way you doodle, to figure out which type of beauty you express innately.  At one point she suggests thinking about how you were as a child to gain more insight into who you really are. 

All of these things helped me to discover which beauty type I was.  At that point everything fell into place for me.  It was almost like coming home to myself!  I discovered more of who I really am and I allowed myself to be that!  It was okay!  It was who I really was!  What a relief!  It felt so good to finally be who I really am – bubbly, vibrant, spontaneous, light, colourful as well as peace-filled! 

I am finally living myself more fully, at least it feels that way, and it feels so good!  I am sure I will discover even more of who I really am as time goes by and then I will live more fully into that as well.  For now, this feels soooooooo good!!!!

How does it get any better than this?  What more is possible?

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