Finding Love

Last week I wrote about facing fear.  This week’s writing is about finding love; transforming, replacing, changing, or otherwise moving from fear to love.

As I think about this, I am reminded of the song that various artists sang – I have it by Anne Murray.  It’s called “Other Side”, written by Joie Scott and Richard Wold.  The chorus goes like this:  On the other side of doubt is faith/ On the other side of pain lies strength/ The journey may seem endless when you know the road is rough/ But on the other side of fear is love.

Those words ring true for me.  Since I have learned to live more often from a place of love, fear is almost non-existent.  So how does one get to that place?

One very simple way to find love is to become aware of your breath.  Follow the breath in, and out.  Put your hands, right over left, over your heart region or what I like to call your heart space.  You find this in the middle of your chest where your heart chakra is located.  Breathe in love and breathe out fear.  Continue to do this.  Feel your heart space filling with love.  Keep breathing in love and breathing out fear until your heart space is completely full.  Then, if you have time, or if you wish, keep breathing in love and on an out breath send that love out to your family, your town, your province, even out into the world.

Or, as you breathe in love, feel your heart space expanding and the love overflowing until you are enveloped in love.  Keep going until you feel love spreading to the entire world or even to the whole universe. 

This only takes a few minutes and can be done pretty much anytime or anywhere and as often during the day as you need to.  When you feel fear overtaking you, simply place your hands on your heart space and take a couple of breaths to come back to that place of love.

Another simple way to change your mindset from fear to love, is to think of and name all the things, people, events, that you are thankful for.  If it helps, write them all down.  Things like a home, food, family, friends (name each of them if you like).  Doing this every day, either when you get up in the morning or when you go to bed at night, will eventually turn your thoughts from fear to love.  Gratitude leads to love.

If you write down the list of what or who you are thankful for, at times when you can’t think of a single thing to be thankful for, you can read over your list to remember.

What things have worked for you to turn fear into love?  Please share them below.  In this very different time and space we can all benefit from your ideas.  Thanks for sharing.

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