February – the Month of LOVE

To me, February is the month of LOVE and so I am writing about love for all of February.  Today’s blog is about self-love.  Often we try to love those closest to us but never think of loving ourselves.  Yet, if we don’t love ourselves how can we truly love anyone else?

I’m not sure why we find it so hard to love ourselves!  I know we do some things that we are not proud of but nobody said we had to be perfect. The main thing is to love ourselves anyway, warts and all.

Once we love ourselves, it’s easier to love those around us .  We’re more accepting of their blunders too.  We try harder to be a loving person to others.  We try to pass on that love – let our light shine – be the change that we want to see in others and in our world.  So everybody wins!

One of the ways of showing our love for our self is to take time for us!  That might be as simple as taking a nice relaxing bath and soaking for as long as you like. Or it might be going to that concert, or shopping, or to a show with a friend.  Sometimes it’s just forgiving ourselves when we make a blunder, knowing that it’s simply a way of learning.  We learn what we need to learn and then let it go and get on with living the best way we know how.

I like to go for a walk down by the water and just sit on the sand and soak in the loveliness of the day (not in the winter though unless it’s a lot warmer than it is right now!).  Or taking the time to read a book I’ve been longing to read.  Maybe even trying something new or different than I’ve ever done before.  Sometimes it’s taking time to do something creative like making a mandala, or painting a picture (I don’t often use paint, usually markers, and it’s always abstract).  Often for me it’s taking time to play.  I have a jar full of marbles that I like to take out and play with every now and then.  I also have a container of buttons that I’ve saved up over the years, some even came from my mother.  I take these out and look at them, let them fall through my hands, or move them around enjoying the feel of them.

Sometimes loving our self means treating ourselves to a massage, reflexology treatment, or even an energy healing session to help us relax and feel good about our self.  I know this is the one place I fall down.  My feet always start to tingle in anticipation before a reflexology treatment it feels so good!  I think I will book a treatment for myself right now!  What about you?

That is also why I’m starting to give Distance Energy Sessions – to spread a bit of peace and relaxation to others.  For a distance session you don’t have to go anywhere, just relax at home.  To find out more about energy healing  and distance sessions go to the “Energy Healing” tab on my website.

What do you like to do to love yourself?

What are you going to do today to show yourself some love?

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