Energy Healing

Our bodies are made up of energy as is everything around us.  This energy is meant to flow easily and freely into our bodies, through them, and out again.  Life happens and often this energy gets blocked somewhere within us.  This often shows up as a physical symptom – aches, pains, stiffness – which can lead to chronic pain or illness if not taken care of.

That is where energy healing comes in.  An energy practitioner acts as a conduit to move Universal Life Energy through their hands into the client’s body.  This energy then flows to wherever it is needed in the body, helping it to heal.

Energy healing relaxes the body and calms the mind, creating a space in which the body can heal itself.

I suffered from a chronic illness for several years, during which time there were many episodes when I could hardly breathe.  I learned about energy and took my first energy classes.  When I was feeling better (through Reiki self-treatments as well as help from the medical field), I had a strong desire to help others.  Thus began my journey in energy healing.

There are many modalities of energy healing.  I have Level 1 and 2 in Reiki,  Level 1 Quantum Touch, and Access Consciousness Bars, Foundation and Level 1.  When I do a treatment it is usually a mixture of at least two, if not all three of these.

Energy healing is not to be considered a substitute for any current or future treatment from traditional health care professionals.  It is complementary to existing health care services you may be receiving and in no way interferes with their effectiveness.

If you would like to book an appointment to experience the calming, healing effects of energy healing please contact me

Distance Healing

Since energy healing works with the energetic blueprint of the body, time and space are irrelevant and it can be done even though the facilitator and client are miles apart.  Sometimes it even works better because the two bodies aren’t involved to interfere with the process. Healing can even happen faster sometimes through distance sessions. Distance sessions usually take less time than regular sessions as well.

To book a distance session please contact me here and we can set up a time for this to happen.  A treatment can be more effective if the recipient is resting during that time.

Payment can be made for a distance session by clicking the picture below:

Energy Distance Session