Doing What Brings You Joy

I enjoy watching TV shows about people searching for places to live in other countries.  I get to have a tiny taste of what life is like in those countries and what the countryside, towns, and cities are like.  These are places I will probably never travel to so this is my way of seeing a bit of other countries.

The other night I watched one of these shows and it left me very sad.  It was about a woman who was an executive coach (or something like that) so she could work from anywhere.  She had been to this town in another country recently and had fallen in love with it and so decided to move there. 

This woman’s adult daughter went with her to help her find the perfect place.  They looked at a couple of places near the centre of town where the daughter thought her mother should be so she would be close to the stores and restaurants and would be able to meet people to make new friends. 

The mother said from the very beginning that she really wanted to be in the countryside so the realtor finally showed them a place in the country.  It was an apartment so there would be other people right near by that she would probably meet and hopefully make some friends. 

The mother absolutely loved this place.   Her face lit up when she saw it! There was a spectacular view of the countryside including a mountain.  She said she could see herself sitting there, looking at that view, while she was coaching clients.  And the rent was lower than the other places in town.

In the end however, the mother followed her daughter’s wishes and rented a place in town.   I was so saddened by this decision.  Yes, she may well grow to like it, but her heart was up in the country.  It seemed to bring her such joy!

Our heart and soul don’t always encourage us to do the things that others feel are ‘sensible’, but when we follow our heart, we find much more joy.  I try to live my life from my heart and to do things that truly bring me joy.

Kind of on that same note, my daughter watches a TV show about organizing your home.  The main criteria for keeping something around is only if it brings you joy.  If it doesn’t, get rid of it.  I have heard this before and have tried to follow this advice by mostly surrounding myself with things that bring me true delight.

If we surround ourselves with things – dishes, clothes, ornaments, books, whatever – that bring us joy, why would we not then also DO the things that bring us joy?!  I have read that simply taking the time to do one thing that brings you joy each week, or day, can give you more energy even if you feel extremely tired when you begin. 

I have certainly found this to be true.  In my mind, life is way too short not to do as many things as we can that bring us joy!!!  I think this COVID-19 has taught me how wonderful it feels to actually do a lot of the things that bring me joy.  I have discovered that when I do that, doing the things that have to be done is a lot easier and don’t feel like so much of a chore.  That joy somehow seems to spill over into those things as well.

What brings you joy? 

How often do you actually take time to do some of the things that bring you joy?

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