December Gifts for the Heart: Simplicity

The theme that came to me for this month of December is “Gifts for the Heart”.  I know that many of you don’t like winter.  For me, winter offers so many gifts that are free for the taking, if we notice and are willing and open to receive them!

To me, the snow only enhances the beauty around us!  It sparkles like diamonds in the sunlight, makes the world look clean and fresh, and opens us up to all kinds of possibilities.  Its feathery blanket makes our world a peaceful paradise!  (Just look at the photo above and feel the peace settling over you.)

When I look outside after a new snowfall, the brilliant whiteness covering the land, smoothing out the landscape, I see – simplicity.  That is the gift I want to talk about this week.  The snow makes the whole world look a little simpler.

When I see this simplicity outside, I want to bring it to my inside world as well.  So, I am taking time to go through my closets and shelves, reorganizing and cleaning out anything that is no longer of value or service to me. I have heard (or read) that our outer world is a mirror for our inner world.  I want them both to be simple.

I used to be a real pack-rat like my Dad.  After all, you never know when you might need that beautiful glass bowl you bought at the garage sale.  Right?!?!?!?

One day I had an aha! thought that if I haven’t used something in many years, I probably don’t really need it.  Someone else could be using it in the meantime.  If I ever need it again, I can always go out and buy another one.…or not.

What a freeing thought that was for me.  Now I find it quite easy to let that book go that I enjoyed the first time but probably won’t ever read again – I have too many other books I really want to read!  Someone else might enjoy it as much as I did.  That kind of thinking makes it so much easier to let go.  The same for other things – by giving them up, letting them go, I may be helping someone else at the same time. 

When the space around me is organized and free of clutter, so is my mind, and the rest of my life.  It may feel like an overwhelming task but it is amazing what can be accomplished in only a few minutes a day!  Another benefit is that it makes you feel so good to have accomplished even one shelf, it soon leads to one closet, a whole bookshelf, or even an entire room.

What can you let go of today to simplify your life, let go of the clutter, and clear your mind?  Let me know what you did and how it felt.  I would be delighted to hear from you.

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