December Gifts for the Heart: Peace and Serenity

A few years ago in December I went on a silent retreat to my friend’s farm in the Qu’Appelle Valley.  That time remains in my heart and soul even now.  I remember sitting on the arm of her chesterfield looking out at the bare oak trees right outside the window, and beyond that to the valley.  There was quite a lot of snow and it was gorgeous!

One late afternoon I sat there absorbing all that beauty and watching darkness slowly seep across the land.  It was like peace and serenity overtook me, seeping into my being almost without my knowing.  It touched my soul and rested there, never to leave it seems.

Here is a poem I wrote later about that time.

Sweet Darkness
The sweet darkness
Steals silently across the hills
So slowly that no-one
Notices at first
And then we look up
And it’s there
Night covers the land

Silence seeps into my body
With the night
Slowly moving through
Until it settles in my
Heart and my soul.
Silence so strong
You can feel it

Almost touch it
Almost hear it
Dear sweet silence
My friend, my love!

What if I let all of life
Seep into my body
Like the darkness and the silence
What if I accept all of it
Without judgement
And let it seep deep into my soul?

I will be more grounded
I will be more centred
I will be in the flow of life
I will be the flow of life
And life will flow
Sacred, beautiful life!                             

To me, that silence, that darkness, was filled with peace and serenity, tranquility even.  I feel it even now when I take time to think about it.  It all comes back to me – one of the awesome gifts of December!

Have you embraced this gift of peace and serenity that December offers us so freely?  It only takes a few moments.  I encourage you to open to this gift, store it deep within so you can access it any time you need some peace and tranquility.

Try it and let me know how it goes.  I would be delighted to hear from you!

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