Longer Version Bio

Joan’s Bio – Long Version

My story begins on a small mixed farm in west central Saskatchewan.  There I had lots of space to run, experience nature, and contemplate life.  I grew up listening and learning from the world around me. 

As I wandered the hills of the pasture or around the trees in the yard, I would make up songs and sing them.  Later this creativity turned into poems and stories as I spent many summer hours in the tree house built by my brothers and cousin.  I did a lot of reading there too. 

Writing was such a natural part of me that I thought everyone could do it.  It is only in recent years that I have come to realize that it is a special gift to be shared with others.  Thus came the various books I have written.

The first two came from suggestions from friends and colleagues while I was a pastor, and so they are resource books for clergy or those who lead worship of some sort.  It seemed that the ideas just flowed as I held the pen!

The next book is a full colour book of photographs and poems to go with them to help you ponder life, notice the world around you, and connect with nature and therefore with the deepest core of your being.  It was great fun looking through my photographs, spending time with one that caught my eye, and then writing down the words that came to me.  It was even more fun designing the book, finding fonts and colours for the poems to go with each photograph.  I hope you enjoy it!

Within the first few months of 2001, several life-changing events occurred in my life.  Our son’s beautiful golden greyhound was hit by a car and had to be put down.  Looking into those huge sad brown eyes full of hurt and pain was one of the hardest things I have ever done!  Then both parents died only two and a half months apart.  And these were only the main events, there were several others.  Grief hit hard and the pain ran deep.

I realized that we are never taught how to grieve so I just did what felt right for me.  I was a pastor at the time so I was also privileged to walk with many families along the sacred journey to death and beyond. 

I knew that at some point in time I needed to write about my grief journey, but I had much to learn first both from walking with others along this journey and from my own experiences.  Finally the book was written and it proved to be another part of my healing journey.  Reading through my journals and the poetry I had written during that time brought many tears again.  After many readings there were no more tears, only a deep sadness with no pain.  My hope is that this book will help others gain some ideas of how to navigate through their grief.

A chronic illness led me to Reiki and so I took a Level 1 and 2 class to help me heal myself.  This led to a Quantum Touch class and Access Consciousness Bars.  All of these I offer to others now as a way of helping them connect to their bodies and to their inner peace. 

Growing up on a farm and all my experiences since have led to a deep appreciation of connecting to nature and to the deepest part of my being.  My deep desire is to help people strengthen, deepen, and make these life connections as well.  This includes noticing and appreciating the world around them, noticing what their body is saying to them, and connecting with the deep inner core of their being – their inner knowledge, that Universal life force within each of us. 

To this end, I started my own business Life’s Healing Connections a few years ago.  Through this business I offer Energy Healing, my books, End of Life Doula services, and now facilitation of Life Transitions.  I have discovered that many of the insights I gained on my grief journey pertain to most of the life-changing transitions we encounter.  I am committed to sharing these insights with as many people as I can to make their journey a bit easier.

I hope you find something of value for you on this website.   

I would be delighted to come and speak to your group or to hold a program in your community.  Please give me a call – 306-331-8118 or email joan@joantessier.ca