About Joan

Joan grew up on a farm in west central Saskatchewan where she had lots of space to run, experience nature, and to contemplate life.  This led to a deep appreciation of connecting to the earth, to the deepest part of her being, and to making deeper connections with others.  These connections have only deepened and strengthened over time.

Her deep desire now is to empower others to strengthen, deepen, or make those same connections in their life.  This includes noticing and appreciating the world around them, noticing what their body is saying to them, and connecting with the deep inner core of their being.

With her calming presence and gentle spirit, Joan does this through her books, energy healing, and facilitating life transition programs.  She is committed to making your life more peace-filled, relaxed, and full of joy!

Joan would be delighted to come and speak to your group or to hold a program in your community. Please give her a call – 306-331-8118 or email joan@joantessier.ca

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